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AtSite : Energy Solutions

We possess the expertise and insight needed to deliver holistic energy solutions. With a rich history of serving diverse clientele and executing various project types, we offer a unique perspective and forward-thinking strategies.


Our approach involves leveraging existing infrastructure, harnessing state-of-the-art technology and seamless systems integration, all while exploring alternative energy solutions.

AtSite : Building Performance Solutions

AtSite's team of experts specialize in making buildings perform optimally. We provide turn-key planning, implementation, and deployment and use creative solutions and expert advice to create asset value and maximize and sustain performance.  

AtSite's out-of-the box thinking coupled with technical analysis maximizes the inventory of opportunities and yields holistic solutions for our clients. 

AtSite : Environmental Solutions 

Whether you need to meet environmental mandates, reduce energy consumption and costs or address stakeholder concerns, AtSite can guide you through the process and ensure you are leveraging deep insights while making key energy and sustainability decisions.

Our professional team advise you on the best approach and the best technology to comply with regulations and directives, while creating real savings that free up capital for other initiatives – and improve your sustainability credentials. 

AtSite : Advisory Solutions

AtSite works with organizations to evaluate building performance, deferred maintenance, data strategies, and systems optimization. Our goal is to be a trusted advisor and partner to maximize performance, contain costs, and assist decision makers with capital investment planning.


Our advisory approach leverages a team of experts and aligns that with client expectations to deliver high impact solutions. 

AtSite : Engineering Solutions

AtSite Solutions offers comprehensive Engineering Solutions to help our clients meet the growing demands for high performing buildings and portfolios. High performance buildings create a lower environmental impact, are less expensive to run, and are more healthy for occupants.


Our team of professionals provide highly technical building analysis, verification, and implementation roadmaps for projects of varying sizes on new or existing buildings. 

Spanning wide-ranging use types and owner objectives, our services deliver unparalleled performance. 

Whether we are providing ongoing management or a short consulting assignment, we bring the right talent and technology that ensure cost efficiency and measurable results.


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