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Decades of experience across multiple building types and unique operating demands.

We know how buildings are designed, built and operated... and bring that knowledge to every building we touch.


Drive Efficiency without Compromising Hospital Operations and Patient Care

Many healthcare organizations are facing challenges that are bigger than one person, process, or company – these growing external challenges are contributing to organizational and resource pressures. We help Healthcare organizations address facilities and real estate complexities and challenges drawing upon our 30+ years of experience in real estate development and strategy.


Creating functional spaces for your campus population


We help education leaders to advance their institution’s mission by leveraging their facilities and real estate. Revitalizing a campus through space planning, new and innovative technologies and efficiency are how AtSite has helped several schools to deliver exceptional spaces for their students, faculty, and community at large. We work with campus teams to understand needs, so that we may leverage existing systems achieve great results.

Commercial Office/Residential

Mitigate risks and meet real estate business goals


Facilities and real estate projects are complex. Without the right teams and expert processes in place, costly issues will inevitably arise. We provide expert teams and leadership to define project goals and take them from vision to completion. Regardless of the size or project type, we initiate and manage the planning and execution process and oversee each step to mitigate risks and delivery high quality projects to meet our clients’ goals.


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Healthy retail spaces are necessary in this dynamic environment


We provide retail clients the program management necessary to implement healthy building protocols. Working closely with facilities and real estate teams to integrate building controls, air quality sensors, secure access points and health screening, we optimize building health to reassure retail customers and employees. AtSite has a tried and true work plan utilizing cutting edge technology, experienced project team members, and several years of retail project work across the United States.

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We’d love to learn more about you and how we can help you increase savings across a spectrum of critical facilities and real estate functions.

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