Adventist HealthCare Case Study

Like most healthcare organizations Adventist HealthCare is dealing with a challenging economic climate. Along with the notable changes to the healthcare system over the past few years, it is faced with increased costs of providing care, space constraints, compliance issues, and aging building systems leading to a sizable backlog of capital projects. Included among these projects are everything from regular upkeep of existing structures, to projects that will improve the efficiency and operation of Adventist HealthCare’s building systems as well as increase the comfort of the thousands of employees, doctors, and patients who utilize its 33 facilities.

After years of executing these projects only when there was sufficient budget or when the situation deteriorated thus moving the project from “optional” to “required”, Adventist HealthCare chose to utilize a widely available but still under-used mechanism— a Green Revolving Fund— to facilitate investments in these projects.

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